Commentary of TS 1170.5 Structural Design Actions - Part 5 Earthquake Actions

Closed 3 Apr 2024

Opened 15 Feb 2024


We are consulting on the draft DZ TS 1170.5 Structural Design Actions - Part 5 Earthquake Actions - Commentary.

What is TS 1170.5 about?

We are seeking feedback from across the engineering, building and property sectors on this draft Technical Specification which focuses on providing updated engineering guidance to determine earthquake loadings when designing new buildings. NZS 1170.5:2004 remains the referenced standard for compliance with the New Zealand Building Code. However, TS 1170.5 aims to provide a means for engineers to voluntarily test, and put into practice, new technical specifications within the context of the updated National Seismic Hazard Model (NSHM).

A note from Rob Jury, the chair of the TS1170.5 committee

‘Users of the standard might be wondering what’s different? The key differences are the design seismic loads which have increased for many areas across the motu, plus the change in the way in which ground conditions are allowed for, and the specific requirement for consideration of geotechnical matters in the design of a building. A revamped Section 8 Parts and Components includes the latest thinking on derivation of design actions and introduction of limits for applied actions on the foundations for some buildings.’

Further information can be found here

Consultation draft 

Please find below a link to the consultation draft to download and view. It is important not to use the draft form in practice, as revisions are likely to be implemented following post public consultation, and therefore final content is subject to change.

DZ 1170.5 commentary consultation draft

Please note all submissions need to be submitted through this portal. There is no option to upload separate files during the submission process. Documents with submissions sent to Standards New Zealand separately will not be considered by the committee.

DZ TS 1170.5 draft

To access the public consultation page for TS 1170.5 draft please use the following link:

DZ 1170.5 draft consultation link


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