17 joint Australian/New Zealand adoptions of IEC standards and four amendments relating to safety of electrical equipment (EL-002) (Public Consultation)

Closed 18 Jul 2024

Opened 23 May 2024


We are consulting on 17 adoptions of the IEC standards, two adoptions of amendments to the IEC standards, and two amendments to the existing joint Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZS) standards. The proposed AS/NZS standards were prepared by Joint Technical Committee EL-002 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances and small power transformers. 

  • Input from Australia and New Zealand via EL-002 throughout the development process of the relevant ‘parent standards’ at IEC level ensures the health and safety of citizens in both countries. 
  • Aligning or maintaining pace with the latest international best practices and requirements will avoid the risks to the public and workers using electrical appliances.
  • The proposed adoptions of relevant IEC publications for electrical appliances are either identical adoptions (IDTs) or modified adoptions (MODs) which include Australian and New Zealand national variations. 
  • Additionally, the proposed national amendments are developed by EL-002 to mitigate identified safety issues in the current AS/NZS standards.

Consultation drafts 

Please find below a link to the consultation drafts to view.

Please note all comments from the public need to be submitted through this portal. There is no option to upload separate files during the submission process. Any documents or comments relating to this public consultation sent to Standards New Zealand separately will not be considered by the committee.



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